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Steel Trading Services

Our preferential location and deep knowledge of the Asian market make us your ideal partner if you intend to import steel products from China, Korea or Japan.

We are able to assist you with the whole spectrum of services ie:

(a) Marketing and consulting of holistic supply chain solutions for each target export region or country

(c) Creating necessary RFIs (Requests for Interest) and tender documentation

(b) Supplier screening and shortlisting the fittest

(d) Assisting with customs procedures

(e) Creating and implementing the most optimized logistics plan on door to door basis.

(f) Seeking for various financing and forex exchange solutions

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We are a one-stop shop for planning and implementing your Asian commodity supply chain solutions!

We can cover a wide range of finished and semi-finished steel products, such as:

Upon request, we can utilize our knowledge and Asian network for other commodity products such as aluminium, copper, titanium, zinc etc.

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