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Influencer Marketing

Consumers rely on online reviews and beauty KOLs before making purchase decisions. Influencer marketing is an indispensable component of any marketing plan. Influencers and celebrities capture the attention of their fans, build trust in your brand, create social media-friendly content, and convince fans to purchase your products. Working with influencers, however, is more complicated than picking names from a celebrity list. Our influencer management platform uses deep analytics to select the perfect influencer for you. We have worked with well-known beauty centers, skincare and cosmetics brands to apply beauty digital marketing strategies and get them stunning ROIs.


With us, brands can connect with the right influencers to reach the right target market, manage influencers to ensure their work is on-brand, and maximize their impact with digital marketing advertising.

Why Influencer?

Attract New Customers

Having appropriate influencers promote your content can attract an entirely new audience you weren't previously able to reach.

Effective Promotion

Influencer content goes beyond advocacy to focus on the actual content being produced for marketing.

Acquire Better Customers

Over 50% of businesses reported acquiring better customers through influencer marketing efforts.

Greater Influence

60% of consumers have been influenced by social media or a blog while shopping at a store.

Influencer Marketing Solution


Strong Influencer Network

We own a large database that helps you line up with hundreds of cross-platform influencers in China and Asia, including both micro-influencers & macro-influencers, reaching millions of audiences in total.


Cross-Platform Solutions

We match you with the right influencer that fits with your campaign objectives on popular social media channels among Asia including Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Xiaohongshu…etc.

AI-Driven Influencer Platform

Influencer matching, content management and analytical reporting are all available on our self-developed AI influencer management platform, supported by advanced technology and big data.

Data-Driven Dashboard & Analysis

Real-time performance tracking are available on our data-driven dashboard. Our specialists provide timely analytical reports and recommendations for your campaign.


Content Management

Our specialists build content strategies and customize engaging content for different influencers to attract your target audience in different regions.

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