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Making Your Business Safe & Easy

We provide efficient and cost-effective products and services to help SMEs accelerate their digital transformation and achieve business success.

About Us


one-stop Digital Marketing and Cloud Storage Services Provider

We are passionate in client-centered digital works that best fit your distinct needs. Our dedicated team lives and breathes digital, they specialize in full range of performance-based digital marketing services and are ready to fuel your business growth in Asia and overseas.

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Why Choose Us

We Help Expand Your Business in China and Asia

Our team understand the complexities and opportunities of China’s market, which led to the outstanding “Go China” solutions. As a native Asian company and extensive network in China, Beidou Cloud can accelerate your success in Asia.

We Respond to Your Request on Demand

Beidou Cloud offers highly flexible support services tailored to meet your exact needs. A dedicated technical account manager will be assigned to support enterprise customers.

Why Choose Us

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Cloud Storage Service

Securely store, categorize, and analyze all your data in one, centralized repository.

Digital Marketing

Influencer content goes beyond advocacy to focus on the actual content being produced for marketing.

Trade Agency Services

To help you achieve your objectives and provide your client companies with valuable and efficient services, we have tailored our offerings to meet your unique needs.

Steel Trading Services

Our preferential location and deep knowledge of the Asian market make us your ideal partner if you intend to import steel products from China, Korea or Japan.

Pipeline Services

Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that we deliver reliable and efficient solutions to our clients. Whether you need expert consultation or technical support, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs

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